Hi guys,

This past weekend I went down to my sons college for moms weekend. Its always a great time seeing my son all grown up and on his own, but have you ever been to a college dorm? Or worse, a college bar? His dorm is a small nightmare of clothes everywhere but where they belong, bags of chips and cookies opened and spilled (I sent him to school with a package of chip clips and have yet to see one in use) unidentifiable spills, stains, and crumbs all over the floor and pretty much every other surface in the room, and don’t even get me started on their bathroom! Basically its a breeding ground for things you don’t want to be a part of. Now on to Friday and Saturday night and the bar scene. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast but the condition and smell of some of these places is nauseating! Everything was sticky! The tables, bar tops, door handles, the pens I used to sign my tab, all sticky! The bathroom at one particular bar was so bad I honestly don’t know how the place stays open. I won’t go into detail but just imagine the worst possible scenario in a bathroom and times it times 100. I pretty much went thru an entire bottle of Bath and Body Works pocketbac hand sanitizer. I got home yesterday feeling like I needed to dunk myself in some bleach or scrub my skin bloody with Clorox wipes. Keep reading if you want to see what I did instead.


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I needed a scrub in a bad way, I just felt like all the stickiness was embedded in my skin. Also hotels just never feel very clean to me, especially the bedding. I wanted my hair extra clean and smelling amazing. These 4 products were a must for me as soon as I got home.

Lush Dark Angels: I love Lush, a LOT! I knew on the drive home Dark Angels was just what my face needed. The black sugar and charcoal absorbs extra oil and calms redness and irritation. The rhassoul mud base deeply cleanses to help prevent breakouts. I like this scrub because its gentle enough for my sensitive skin and can also be used on your entire body.

Lush Daddy-O Shampoo: This stuff smells so good, if you like violets. The citrus juices and seaweed gives your hair softness and shine. Also the purple color keeps blonde and grey hair from turning brassy. I’m a brunette with a little blonde ombre on the bottom but I still love using this.

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner: This is my favorite Lush conditioner. The smell is just so intoxicating to me. The description states orange flower absolute, rosewood and grapefruit oils perfume your hair. It definitely does that, I will smell this on my hair for a couple days after using it. Its also good for bleached and over processed hair. To me its not the most moisturizing conditioner Lush has but the smell just keeps me coming back for more.

Soap and Glory The Scrub of Your Life: I usually just use this on my arms and sometimes my legs before I shave but after the weekend I needed this all over. Its exfoliation is gentle but at the same time you feel like you’re getting a really good scrub. The smell is awesome too. I love the smell of all the Soap and Glory products. So fresh and clean.



Im not gonna lie, I didn’t wash my makeup off either night I was there. When you’re eating burritos in bed at 4am you just don’t really want to go thru the hassle of getting up to wash your face right? Whenever I sleep with makeup on I will usually get a pimple or two. So I tried to prevent it and also wanted to really clean my skin after all the nasty stuff it was exposed to this weekend. Also drinking alcohol always dehydrates my skin so I wanted to put as much moisture back in as possible.

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter: After my hardcore scrubbing I wanted to make sure my body was sufficiently moisturized and this is my go to. I like to put it on thick and let it absorb. It leaves my skin so soft and smelling fresh all day.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: My lips needed some extra love too and this sugar scrub is perfect. It makes your lips feel so soft and it tastes delicious!

Smiths Strawberry Lip Balm: My lips were so dehydrated feeling so I put an obnoxious amount of this on and just let it absorb. The strawberry scent is so yummy and the texture is a thick petroleum jelly. It leaves your lips feeling soft.

Glamglow Supermud: I knew my skin needed to be purged of all the nasty from the weekend and this is exactly what it needed. This mask supports skins natural oil balance, brightens, softens, and the activated charcoal lifts away dirt and other skin congestions. I love using this because you feel really clean and smooth afterwards. It does leave my skin pretty red but it goes away quickly.

Nyx Honey Dew Me Up Skin Serum & Primer: After I washed the mud mask off I thought this would be a good next step. The honey in it is a natural antiseptic, the gold flakes increase skins radiance, and the collagen in it makes skin smooth. I will also use this as a makeup primer once in a while. It goes on a little sticky but it absorbs quickly.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting Mist: I just received this in the mother nature’s miracles set so this was my first time trying it. Tartes website states this lightweight elixir is infused with antioxidant marine ingredients to amp up your skin’s defenses as it helps to hydrate and invigorate. So of course after reading that I knew I needed this on my face ASAP!

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist: I talked about this in my morning skincare routine post. The more I use it the more I like it. I wanted all the hydration I could get so this was an obvious step for me. It just feels so refreshing and light on the skin.

Karuna Hydrating Sheet Mask: Next I wanted to add even more moisture back into my skin. I received a pack of these masks in my FabFitFun spring box and figured this was the perfect opportunity to use one. The package states this mask is clinically proven to increase hydration by up to 40%. Good for dry, dull, dehydrated skin, all of which I was experiencing. This mask left me super hydrated. When you take it off it leaves a decent amount of product on your skin so I just massaged it into my face and let the rest absorb on its own.

Too Faced The Hangover: This is a face primer but I don’t usually use it as one since my skin is oily. I did think is would be the perfect last step after the sheet mask though. Its infused with coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers that work together to boost skins radiance, promote elasticity and help hydrate.



After 2 days of sticky surfaces and way more Jager Bombs than necessary I wanted to make sure I took care of not just my outside but inside too. I won’t get into detail about these products but this is what I consumed yesterday to help prevent any bugs I might have come in contact with. Electrolyte water to rehydrate, Airborne to boost my immune system, a hair, nails, and skin gummy to help my skin even more, and some kombucha and probiotic gummies to help my stomach. Not shown is the Five Guys double cheeseburger and fries I shoved in my mouth. Im pretty sure that helped too!

I have to say I woke up today and my skin is bright and blemish free and I feel good, well besides the fact that my feet are still sore from all the walking and dancing but other than that I have no complaints! I hope you guys enjoyed reading, feel free to leave me a comment if you’ve ever felt violated by a college bar bathroom 😂

Karee 💋









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