Hi guys,

When I saw Lime Crime was coming out with hair dye called Unicorn Hair I just knew I needed it in my life. I’ve wanted bold color in my hair for so long but working at a hospital it wasn’t always an option. Now its 2017 and the rules seem to be changing a bit because I see more and more sassy colored hair when I go to work.

What the website states: Unicorn hair is a hyper performance semi-permanent hair color that makes you look like a unicorn. Its professional quality, direct-deposit conditioning hair dye thats good enough for a pro and easy enough for a newbie. It’s vibrant, longer lasting and fades gracefully.

The dyes come in 2 formulas, full coverage which contains higher pigment load and delivers more saturated color. There’s also a tint which is more sheer in nature and will create more pastel results. There are 13 colors total with 10 being full coverage and 3 being tints. These dyes are designed to wash out gradually over time and are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Each jar is $16 on the Lime Crime website.

For best results they recommend starting with hair that has been lightened to medium or pale blonde and for dark hair go with a full coverage color instead of a tint. Color fading depends on how often you wash your hair, and if you want it gone faster use a clarifying shampoo. For longer lasting more color saturated hair leave on for 1-2 hours, and for less intense results wash out after 30-45 minutes. Each jar contains 6.76 fl oz/200mL of product. They recommend one jar for short/bob hair length, 2-3 jars for below the  shoulder length, and 3+ for hair below the tailbone.

So here’s what my hair is like. Its a medium to dark brown naturally. About 8 months ago I had an ombre done without toner, just straight bleach (I had an ombre done 6 months  prior to that with toner) a month ago I had my friend cut inches of dead hair off (I am the absolute worst with getting my hair cut, I go like twice a year) so hair that was to the middle of my back now comes a little past my shoulders. I was going to have her do another ombre once she cut it but I kind of liked the way it looked as is so she put some toner on it and that was that. It left my hair a pretty sort of ashy blonde color. On the website it suggests using this dye on hair that hasn’t been toned so I went into this whole thing with no expectations but for only $16 a jar I figured why the hell not, if its unicorn anything its for me! Heres my before pic, I was in my car on the way home from the salon.


I ended up buying 2 colors. I went with dark colors so they would blend with my natural hair better and not be so noticeable at work. I went with the colors Gargoyle which is a full coverage stone gray, and blue smoke which is a full coverage steel blue. I did a test strand a few days before I did my whole head. I left each color on for 45 minutes and when I washed it out the gray wasn’t visible at all and the blue was kinda weak and more green than blue. I’m assuming its because of the toner that was used a month ago. I decided to just go with the blue and save the gray until I bleached my ombre again.




I used a hair dye brush and went to town. I never dyed why own hair before and found this product very easy to use. I dropped a few globs on my bathroom floor but they came right up, it came off my skin easily too. I only colored over the ends of my hair with the ombre and the whole process took about 15 minutes for me to do. Then I put my hair in a bun at the back of my head and put a shopping bag around it so I wouldn’t get dye everywhere and I hoped for the best. I only ended up using about 1/3 of the jar so I have some left for touch ups. Since the 45 minute test strand was underwhelming I left the color on for 2 hours this time. Yes I had an unrealistic fear that I would take the bag off and my hair would come off with it because I kept it on for so long. Good news, it didn’t! I washed the dye out with a color safe shampoo and found that the dye was so conditioning I didn’t need a separate conditioner. I then blow dried and flat ironed my hair like I normally do. The first pic was taken the day after I colored it and it was taken outside in the sun, the second 2 were taken right after I colored and inside my house.

unihair 2



I was surprised with how well the color actually took to my hair! It turned a really pretty greenish blue color but its subtle, and in different light it hits different colors. I’m kind of obsessed with it. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be on bleached hair, and its so gentle I’m not worried it will damage my hair. I will definitely be getting more colors and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to look like a unicorn! I hope you guys enjoyed, thank you for reading.

Karee 🦄

12 thoughts on “Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Review

  1. Thank you for writing this! I am currently debating to mix these 2 colors and doing my hair, I have naturally light blonde hair and this would be a big change but I loved how your hair came out! -Clarissa

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    1. I mixed them together a few weeks ago, the color turned out gorgeous. It washes out pretty quickly so if you don’t like it you won’t have to live with it long.


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