Happy Saturday everyone,

I really took advantage of the Sephora spring sale this past week, maybe a little too much! One of the things I bought was the Peter Thomas Roth mask-a-holic set. It came with 5 masks and a mask applicator.  I’ve never tried any of his masks before but hear great things so when I saw this awesome deal I really couldn’t pass it up. The price of the set is $75 (plus 15% off for being a Sephora beauty insider) and the masks contain 1.7oz of product. When sold separately the masks range from $52-$80 for 5oz of product and you can purchase them from the PTR website or Sephora. I love buying the smaller options whenever available to see what works best for me before investing in full size items. I’m a mask junkie and love trying new ones so the fact that there was 5 in this set just made me so happy.

This set came with a rubber mask applicator, one side is smooth and is used to scoop out the mask and apply to your face.  The other side is textured to massage the mask into your skin.

The first mask I tried was the Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme Detoxifying Hydrator, the color just speaks to me!!! The website states this is an ultra-gentle refreshing gel mask that helps soothe, hydrate, and detoxify the look of dry, irritated skin with botanical extracts. It’s ideal for helping to calm and sooth the skin after sun exposure, peels, waxing, facials, and extractions.

Whenever something says its calms and soothes the skin I get really excited because having sensitive skin can be a real pain sometimes and its great finding products that won’t irritate my skin any further. I’m literally like a walking hive!

I used the applicator to apply the mask and then used the textured side to massage it into my skin.  The idea is really cool but I felt the design of the applicator was a little awkward to hold but I’ll continue to use it until I figure out the best way to use it because the massage did feel good. As soon as the mask touched my skin it felt so nice and refreshing. It had had a cooling sensation and to me didnt have any scent, though I was expecting to smell the cucumber. The longer it sat on my face the better it felt. I remember thinking wow, this would feel awesome on sunburn, and then I thought this would be awesome kept in the fridge and then put on sunburn, and so this mask now lives in my fridge.

I left it on for the suggested 10 minutes and rinsed it off with warm water. Once the mask was off I did a rinse with cold water and my face felt so refreshed! I would definitely  recommend this if you don’t mind the feeling of cold water. I just really enjoy the way it revives my skin. Once my face was dry I waited a bit before I moisturized to see if I would get that tight feeling that some masks give. My face didn’t feel tight, it felt soft to the touch and my face looked bright and fresh.  I really enjoyed this mask and am super excited to try the rest! Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve tried any of the PTR masks and which are your favs! Thanks for reading


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