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I’m sure all my fellow makeup lovers out there have heard about the new makeup brand called Pretty Vulgar. When I heard Sephora would be selling the brand I was so excited. I love trying new products, especially when the packaging is gorgeous and the products are cruelty free! They have a little bit of everything from mascara to eyeshadow palettes to foundation and even setting spray, and each package is prettier than the next and the names are adorable. The vintage look of these products make you want leave them out on your vanity for display because they are just that pretty. I wanted to try a few things out first before jumping in and buying more than I need. I went with what I would use most, a blush, 2 lippies and an eyeliner.


Make Them Blush Powder Blush: The blush comes in 8 different colors and are $26 for 0.2oz/6g of product.



These blushes claim to be silky smooth and long wearing. I agree they are smooth and it stayed on all day even through a shift at work. I bought the color Sweet Revenge which is a soft peach. Peach blushes are my favorite and this color is gorgeous. It blended nicely and is pretty pigmented but not obnoxiously so where you end up looking like a clown.

Writing On The Wall Eyeliner: The eyeliner comes in 3 colors and are $22 for 0.017oz/0.5g of product.

I bought the color Yours Truly which is brown, there’s also a black and nude. I like this because you don’t need a sharpener to sharpen it, you just turn the bottom. When I swatched this on my arm it literally stayed all day even after a shower. Unfortunalty it didn’t stay that long on my waterline. I have pretty sensitive eyes that water easily so I’ve yet to find something that actually stays put. Though this claims to be waterproof it just didn’t work in my waterline. I’m sure if you used this under your lower lash line and to line your top lid it would work great but I suggest you work fast because it became smudge proof pretty quickly.

Poisonous Pout Plumping Lipgloss: There are 6 different colors and they are $22 for 0.17oz/5mL of product.

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I was really excited to try this product. It claims to be a high-shine, pigmented gloss infused with a natural peptide complex so that your lips appear firmer, smoother, and fuller. I went with the lightest color which is a nude pink called Pick Your Poison. I have mixed thoughts about this gloss. I love the color and it is moisturizing and not at all sticky but I wouldn’t really say its plumping. It makes your lips feel minty and a bit tingly but I can’t really say I noticed a difference in plumpness. I also noticed if I applied too much it would gather in a weird line toward the inside of my lips. If used sparingly it did give my lips a really pretty, not overly shiny look.

My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick: There’s 8 different colors and they are $24 for 1oz/3mL of product.

This product is supposed to be a full-coverage, long-lasting liquid lipstick with a lustrous metallic finish. Light-weight and glossy, yet long wearing, ensuring hours of lip perfection. I bought the color Brilliantly Sneaky which is a coral color. I would not say this is long wearing at all. It didn’t wear off after say a half hour but 2 hours after applying it was pretty much gone. The color itself is a beautiful pinky coral with a pretty shimmer to it. It went on really smooth and not the least bit patchy. I found it to be very hydrating and very pigmented and comfortable on the lips. It doesn’t dry down so I think that’s why its not very long wearing. As soon as I drank something (with a straw) I had to re-apply.


Here’s my final thoughts. While the products are really pretty and pigmented and the packaging is just gorgeous, I feel like for the price they just didn’t live up to what they claim. I can buy similar products with the same outcome for less money or products that actually do what they claim. I’m glad I purchased these  because I would have been so curious if I didn’t and I do love how pretty the packaging is. I will definitely continue to use the items I bought, especially the blush, but not really sure I would purchase anything else from this brand. If you’re interested in purchasing anything you can from Sephora or the Pretty Vulgar website. Thanks for reading, let me know if you guys have tried this brand and how they worked out for you!

Karee 💋

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