Highlighters are hands down my favorite makeup product right now. I really just can’t get enough of them, especially when the color payoff is insane and the price is only $7.59. Yes you heard me right, this beauty right here was less than $8 on Amazon. I have not seen this product out in stores and I’ve only seen this one color which is color 100 Molten Gold. So if anyone has any more info on more colors let me know down below!

Now to the best part, the glow!!!

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Taken outside in sunlight
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Taken inside with natural light

If you like gold toned highlighters then this is an absolute must for you. Gold happens to be my favorite at the moment and this one has stolen my heart. The formula is so buttery and smooth and it applied so easily. The pigmentation on this blew me away. I normally go in a few times to get the blinding look I love but with this I really only needed to dip into the pan once. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t just dip in once because I like to be extra, but you really only need a little bit of product to give a stunning glow.


I took this pic in front of my vanity lights, I love how it has that wet look to it. If I turned my head in certain lighting it looked almost like a mirror. I honestly felt while I was driving that if the sun hit my face just the right way it would reflect off of my cheek. ย If you’re a highlight junkie like me I suggest you find this and stock up, you won’t be disappointed!! Thanks for reading.

Karee ๐Ÿ’‹

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