Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about a couple of foundations that I’ve purchased and wanted to love but just didn’t work out for me.


The first one is the NYX Total Control drop foundation. I’m sure you’ve all seen the awesome Instagram videos where the girls drop some Farsali Unicorn Essence down their cheeks then the NYX foundation over it and it looks so cool and their skin looks flawless after they’ve blended it all out. For me that wasn’t the case, at all. I’ve tried this foundation multiple ways, one being with the beautiful unicorn drops and every time I end up looking like a greasy mess after an hour.

I prefer full coverage foundation but I thought the light weight formula of this foundation would be nice for summer or a quick no fuss makeup day. Unfortunately on my skin it just looked bad. It didn’t cover anything at all and it seeped into my pores and fine lines. It faded really quickly and left me looking extra shiny and blotchy. I tried it with different primers, a beauty blender, a foundation brush, and even the NYX brush they suggest you use with it but it left me with the same results every time. I think someone with drier skin might benefit from this because the formula is really runny and watery and I can’t see it sticking to dry patches.

Here’s the NYX foundation. You can see how watery the formula is. I bought this a couple of months ago before I was tan so that’s why the color is so off.



The second foundation is the Loreal Infallible Total Cover foundation. I had really high hopes for this because I love the Infallible pro matte foundation and because this one claims to be full coverage and lasts up to 24 hours.

Again I’ve given this foundation multiple chances, different primers, beauty blender, foundation brush and it was a fail every time. The formula of this foundation is the complete opposite from the NYX foundation. This has a thick almost mousse like consistency so I can see why it claims to be full-coverage coverage. I found it hard to blend and really patchy. It clung to my cheeks and accentuated my pores, it made my bronzer and blush apply extremely patchy. I felt like it made my face look dirty and cakey. I have oily sking so maybe the thick consistency just didn’t go with my skin type and I can’t see this working on some with dry skin because it would cling to every dry patch on your face.

As for the coverage it did cover well but I just couldn’t get it blended enough to wear for a long period of time so I can’t say whether its long wearing or not.


Let me know in the comments if you’ve had success with either of these and any suggestions on the best way to apply them. Thanks for reading.

Karee 💋


6 thoughts on “Foundation Fails

    1. Yes so unflattering! I wanted it to work so bad. At least it wasn’t a high end foundation. Thank you so much for the nomination, you’re such a sweetheart!!! I’m so excited!!! xo

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      1. I did too i’m so glad it wasn’t that expensive I had to give mine away to one of my friends with oily skin and she finds it okay but still not the best! And you’re welcome doll! Xo


  1. I was going to buy this the other day- watched a couple reviews and everyone has had a similar review- that it is terrible! Such a bummer, now that its hotter out I reach for the Pro-Matte and love it, I think I will just stick to that for now1

    Thanks for the honest review, xo

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